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David Pepper:

Dr. David M. Pepper has 35+ years experience in scientific and applied technology research, program management, technical proposal writing, intellectual property, technical marketing, and has served as a short course instructor and educator.  His technical areas of expertise include extensive research & applied technology experience in lasers, quantum electronics, photonics, nonlinear optics, phase conjugation, laser communication, adaptive optics, spatial light modulators (SLMs), remote sensors, laser ultrasonics, nondestructive testing and process control, optical data and image processing, fibers, E-O systems, and MEMS.

Dr. Pepper obtained a PhD and MS in Applied Physics from Caltech in 1980 and 1974 respectively.  He was a Senior Research Scientist and Manager at Hughes Research Laboratories in Malibu, California from 1973 through 2004 and served as an Adjunct Professor of Physics and Mathematics at Pepperdine University.  He is currently the owner of Malibu Scientific providing scientific/technical consulting, intellectual property and technical writing services.  He has numerous honors and distinctions including Howard Hughes Masters & Doctoral Fellow;  National Science Foundation Traineeship; “Outstanding/Distinguished Inventor of the Year,” HRL, 12 consecutive years, Rudolph Kingslake Award & Medal, SPIE.  He has served on DSRC & NSF panels, the JASON Defense Advisory Panel and as a Fellow, Optical Society of America, OSA; Sigma Xi Honor Society; APS; IEEE and Associate, Guest Editor: IEEE (J. of Quantum Electronics); SPIE (Optical Engineering).   He appears in myriad Who's Who compilations.

A summary of publications, presentations and intellectual property work include Scientific American: “Applications of Phase Conjugation”; “The Photorefractive Effect.”  Chapters in 5 texts: Phase Conjugation, Nonlinear Optical Mattrls., Adaptive Optics, SLMs, and 250+ technical publications, presentations, university colloquia and international workshops.  He has had 59 Issued US Patents, plus 10 additional patents currently pending.

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