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Generally, utility patents protect ideas and design patents protect non-functional designs.  Specifically, a patent is a government-granted monopoly that allows the owner to stop competitors from making, using, or selling products containing patented features for a period of time.  Once granted, a patent can be a valuable asset because it grants a certain level of control over a market and provides leverage against competitors.

A common misconception is that only complex ideas are patentable.  However, in the U.S. most ideas are patentable as long as they are useful, novel, non-obvious and have not been in public use too long.  In fact, U.S. patent laws allow inventors to patent everything from the functional utility of a device to processes, methods, and decorative designs.  However, because public use and marketing activities can affect the patentability of products, seeking the advice of a patent attorney in a timely manner is crucial.

If you feel you have a product with original features, pursuing patent protection may be a desirable option.  If you would like to discuss the patentability of your invention or any other services that we provide, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with a free phone consultation.  Start your patent process today and let Tope-McKay & Associates help you become part of innovation history!

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